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Consolidating Victory

Bebas Akses  ·

Joko Widodo, the incumbent in the presidential election, appeared without bringing a new volume of Nawacita in his campaign. He maintained and remained consistent with the Nawacita that he has been carrying out since 2014.

The State and ‘Adat’ Communities

English  ·

Before we reach any clear resolution on the much-debated Land Bill, we are faced with another problem: the Indigenous Peoples Bill. Many are busy discussing its content, responding to such discussions and pondering who should be involved...

Just and Fair Trade

English  ·

It may be the first time that Havas has publicly stripped away the EU’s unfair treatment of Indonesian commodities and disclosed 10 facts using objective data. Expecting the EU to change its policy through a diplomatic approach would be...

Perdagangan Adil dan Berkeadilan

Artikel Opini  ·

Di akhir KTT APEC 1994 di Bogor, Presiden Soeharto mendorong bangsa Indonesia untuk berani melihat kehidup- an antarbangsa yang akan kian terbuka di masa depan. Siap atau tak siap—begitu ungkap- an Presiden— bangsa Indonesia harus...

Anticipating Industry 4.0

English  ·

In the past four years or fewer, the Indonesian nation had experienced two revolutions. However, as exemplary as they were, it seems they have been poorly understood.

MPR and Amendments to the Constitution

English  ·

There have been a number of oral and written discourses about whether or not the Constitution should be amended. Similarly, a number of academic studies or forums have been organized by several institutions across disciplines of study....