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RUU Cipta Kerja

”Omnibus Law” Tidak Sesuai UU No 12/2011

Politik & Hukum ·

Panja RUU Cipta Kerja mengundang dua pakar untuk menjelaskan metode praktik pembuatan UU dengan "omnibus law". Salah satu pakar menilai, penggunaan "omnibus law" tidak sesuai dengan UU No 12/2011.


State-Owned Enterprises

English ·

This problem is like an endless story — and complicated. Not only is it increasingly widespread and profound, it is also about roles and management.


Consolidating Victory

English ·

Joko Widodo, the incumbent in the presidential election, appeared without bringing a new volume of Nawacita in his campaign. He maintained and remained consistent with the Nawacita that he has been carrying out since 2014.


The State and 'Adat' Communities

English ·

Before we reach any clear resolution on the much-debated Land Bill, we are faced with another problem: the Indigenous Peoples Bill. Many are busy discussing its content, responding to such discussions and pondering who should be involved…

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