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Warrior Welfare

Improving Veterans’ Competitiveness

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The general provisions of the law define veterans as Indonesian citizens who were actively involved in the war of national independence during the active revolutionary period from 17 Aug. 1945 to 27 Dec. 1949.


Big Market Not (Strong) Enough to Attract Investors

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Improving the quality of human resources is considered urgent for Indonesia to boost competitiveness on the global stage. The quality of human capital is one of the considerations of the investors entering Indonesia.


Indonesian Competitiveness

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The decline of Indonesia‘s competitiveness ranking in 2019 reminds us of the importance of consistently implementing plans to improve human quality.


Improve the Quality of Human Capital

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The World Bank has reminded Indonesia to improve the quality of its human capital amid the gloomy economic outlook. The government must invest in the long term, especially for education and health.


Boosting Competitiveness of Textile Industry

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JAKARTA KOMPAS The positive trend in the textile industry must be supported by efforts to boost competitiveness In addition to strengthening upstream businesses fresh investment is also needed to rejuvenate production facilities After…


A Retrospection of Industrial Competitiveness

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As the rupiah continuously declined in the past few months, with its exchange rate taking a dip below Rp 15,000 per US dollar, many questions and concern have come up.

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