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Constitutional Court Justices Ready to Give Verdict

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JAKARTA KOMPAS The justices of the Constitutional Court are set to read out their verdict on the election dispute on June 27 one day earlier than scheduled All parties must accept the courts decision A lawsuit was filed by the…


Justices Compile Legal Opinion

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JAKARTA KOMPAS Each Constitutional Court justice will compile their legal opinion regarding the 2019 presidential election dispute These legal opinions will then be presented at a justices assembly to be held between Monday and Thursday…


Political Education from the MK Hearing

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The Constitutional Courts hearing on the election dispute has become a form of political and legal education for the wider community Television broadcasts expand the exposure of the substance of the hearing at the Constitutional Court MK…


Struggles in Handling Disputes

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The office room decorated in brown tones was filled with wooden furniture and cardboard boxes of case dossiers stacked in front of the bookcase and behind the door The rooms occupant a justice of the Constitutional Court MK rubbed at his…

KPU Presents No Fact Witnesses

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The General Elections Commission KPU has decided not to present any fact witnesses during the presidential election litigation at the Constitutional Court MK as they believe that the plaintiffs factual and expert witnesses had not put…

Claims of Fixed Voter List Appear Again at MK

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&nbspArguments about fraud in preparing the fixed voter list DPT appeared again during Wednesdays hearing on the presidential election litigation at the Constitutional Court MK Similar arguments also appeared during the 2009 and 2014…

Trial for Dispute Arguments at MK Begins

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The defendant and the related party in the presidential election litigation has rejected the arguments presented by the Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno legal team during Tuesdays hearing at the Constitutional Court MK The arguments will be…

Presidential Election Dispute

Full Confidence in Constitutional Court

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The presidential election dispute case at the Constitutional Court (MK) is marked by debates over legal procedures. The involved parties, however, have full confidence in the MK to make the right decision. This trust is good capital for…

Election Disputes

Constitutional Court Guarantees Its Independence

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The Constitutional Court has made assurances that it would be independent and fair in handling the dispute over the result of the presidential election. The government has also guaranteed the security of the court hearing.


Remain Loyal to the Constitution

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Indonesian politics is entering an important and crucial period. The hearing at the Constitutional Court and the investigations into the May 21 and 22 riots have become tests.

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