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Disaster Mitigation Through Independent Effort

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The teacher at State Islamic Primary School I Bogor, Bogor regency, formed the Sukajaya Creative Youth Forum (FMKS) in 2013.


Holistic Approach for Disaster Mitigation

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The government has used a holistic approach to mitigate the effects of hydrological disasters. This method is expected to be more effective in restoring the livelihoods of people and the environment.

Economic Analysis

Mitigating the Floods Seriously

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Entering 2020, Greater Jakarta has experienced alarming natural disasters. High rainfall in the late afternoon at the end of 2019 caused flooding in many locations.


Food Aid Limited

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Disaster mitigation personnel and volunteers worked hard to distribute aid to landslide survivors in Bogor regency, West Java, and Lebak regency, Banten, on Monday (6/1/2020).


Earthquake Damages Dozens of Houses

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DENPASAR KOMPAS Forty-four homes were damaged and seven people were injured on Tuesday 1672019 when a magnitude-58 earthquake occurred in the Bali Strait 80 kilometers off the southern coast of Balis Jembrana regency Across the strait 20…

Extreme weather

Indonesia’s Disaster Mitigation Capabilities Remain Poor

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JAKARTA KOMPAS -- Indonesia is highly prone to disasters but its disaster mitigation capabilities remain poor Consequently the number of fatalities remains high as a result of natural disasters Indonesia had the worlds highest death toll…


Evaluating Disaster Mitigation

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The rainy season is part of our annual weather cycle Landslides and flood disasters need additional mitigation efforts outside the regular measures We are also concerned to see the floods and landslides that have struck several regions in…

Disaster Mitigation

Extreme Weather and Climate Change

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&nbspSouth Sulawesi is known for high rainfall However province-wide rainfall of 100 millimeters per day sometimes more than 300 mm per day is highly unusual and can cause floods The National Disaster Mitigation Agency BNPB said this…


Raising Awareness of Living on Fault Lines

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A number of new studies have revealed that major cities in Indonesia lie on top of active fault lines and are prone to catastrophic disasters However with preparedness and mitigation the risks can be managed Fault lines are cracks in the…


TNI to Guard Early Warning Devices

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JAKARTA KOMPAS The government continues to improve the countrys disaster mitigation procedures and early warning system while expanding public education for disaster preparedness Early warning equipment has been given national vital…

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