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Higher Education in Industry 4.0

Artikel Opini ·

One of the main strengths of the country can be seen in the wheels and business model of industry.


We Need to Redefine Education

Tajuk Rencana ·

Among other things is the need to establish a link and match between educational curriculums and industry’s needs.


Nadiem: There must be Redefinition of Education

English ·

Education is the spearhead of a change in the formation of mindset and character of the nation's next generation.

Jiji Suhaiji

Dedication of a ‘Displaced Person’ from Poso

Sosok ·

His career and family life was going very well until the Poso conflict broke out. He and his family were forced to flee to his hometown of Sukabumi.

M Khairul Ikhwan

School for Migrant Workers’ Children

Sosok ·

M Khairul Ikhwan has long been concerned to see many children from Indonesian migrant worker families and poor families in East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, without a proper education.


Promise of Education in Job Market

English ·

For most residents, the objective of education is to improve the standard of living for themselves and their families. No doubt, such expectations are in accordance with the fact that the higher the education, the higher the income that…


National HR and Current Accounts

English ·

Productivity, in the broadest sense, does not only reflect the ability of a country to generate growth that creates employment opportunities, but also reflects the competitiveness of the country to generate foreign exchange from exports to…


Education Could be Key

English ·

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Dreams of the Children on Seram Island from Behind the Sago Leaves

English ·

The remote communities of Seram Island in Maluku are reluctant to lament over their fate. In order to realize the dream of their children, parents worked together to build an emergency school using sago leaves for its roof.

2019 State Budget

HRD Focus via Investments in Education

English ·

The 2019 State Budget focuses on human resources development, specifically through investments in education. These investments raise challenges in improving governance and in disbursing regional funds.

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