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Papua dan Kehati-hatian Jurnalisme

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Aksi demo di beberapa wilayah di Papua dan Papua Barat setelah peringatan ke-74 Kemerdekaan Indonesia tak banyak mendapat pemberitaan di luar negeri. Mengapa?

Guardian of Sapat Mangrove Forest

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In 1997, a young Mustafa Badrun vacationed for a week on a visit with his parents in Sapat subdistrict, located on an islet in Kuala Indragiri district, Indragiri Hilir regency, Riau province. He had just finished his schooling at...

Guardian of the Jungle

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The large-scale hunt for hornbill concerns Misno. He became even more alarmed to know that various nets were being put around Mount Leuser National Park to catch Sumatran tigers. In response, he launched an initiative to save these animals...

The Mummy of Commander Agatmamente, Guardian of the Tribe and the Generation

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The 'wiki' wooden poles stood tall, intertwining with one another. Construction of the 'honai pilamo', a traditional form of housing for the Dani tribe, is expected to finish soon. A stone-burning ceremony was held to mark the plan of...