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Focus on Human Quality

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The slowdown in global economic growth and the global financial turmoil, as well as changes in the supply chain, trade and investment, will increasingly affect all countries in the world. Meanwhile, technological advancements have...

Toward an Advanced Indonesia through Excellent Human Resources

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There was great expectation for the progress of this nation when I met face to face with Raeni, a doctoral S-3 student from the University of Birmingham who aspires to become a professional researcher. The daughter of a becak (pedicab)...

National HR and Current Accounts

Bebas Akses  ·

Productivity, in the broadest sense, does not only reflect the ability of a country to generate growth that creates employment opportunities, but also reflects the competitiveness of the country to generate foreign exchange from exports to...

Vision to Build Humans Resources

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At least in the next five years, "building human resources" will be key in this republic. Not because it will be carried by Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin who won the 2019 presidential election, but because of the essence of substance.

Respect Great Talent

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In order to excel, a nation must possess various resources – natural, human, scientific – and leaders with extraordinary policies. At a time when there are many disruptions, great resources are an absolute requisite.

Taking Care of Brilliant Talent Immediately

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Amid the talent war today, the Indonesian government needs to immediately outline a strategy to manage human resources in accordance with national development planning.