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Joko Widodo ‘Tiwikrama’?

Analisis Politik  ·

A coalition without any underlying concepts is beginning to show its identity as a political elite alliance aiming merely to gain power.

Strengthening (or Worrying) the KPK?

English  ·

Corruption is the most dangerous threat, because it can claim the soul and the life force of the nation and the state.

KPK Menguat(tirkan)

Politik & Hukum  ·

Kalimat paling tepat untuk menggambarkan daya rusak korupsi di negeri ini adalah darurat korupsi. Kegentingan semakin serius karena elite politik tidak merasakan kegawatan bangsa ini. Penjarahan kekayaan negara mulai dari sumber daya alam...

Awakening Papua’s Hope

English  ·

Talking about Papua means speaking about gaping wounds. Its treatment must be highly effective: the state must affirm through positive political decisions that the governors of Papua and West Papua are indigenous Papuans

Oligarki dalam Demokrasi Indonesia Membuat Hukum Sulit Ditegakkan

Politik & Hukum  ·

Penegakan nomokrasi atau kedaulatan hukum perlu dijaga agar dapat terus berjalan seimbang dengan sistem demokrasi yang menjadi landasan negara Indonesia. Hal ini penting karena dalam menjalankan demokrasi, Indonesia kerap kali melupakan...

The Plains of Kurusetra

English  ·

As we draw nearer to Election Day on April 17, 2019, the bright rays of the political contestation and “celebration of democracy” are growing ever dimmer. The sky over national politics seems to be clouded by the lust for power...

Corruption, Politicians, Prostitution

English  ·

Most of the news in the mainstream media and on social media in the past two to three weeks have been dominated by corruption, including the mass number of politicians and public officials arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commission...

Gallant Indonesia

English  ·

In welcoming the New Year, Tempo’s main headline was “The Danger of Prabowo’s Rhetoric”. Prabowo Subianto is considered to have placed himself at the level of divinity, as messiah (the savior), while his political...

Charm of the ‘Indonesia-ness’ Hug

English  ·

The public's longing for long-held national unity was channeled by the sincere and authentic instincts of young gold medalist from the silat (martial arts) branch, Hanifan Yudani Kusumah, who instinctively and spontaneously embraced Joko...

Resonance of Pancasila Orchestra

English  ·

Amid the heated political years laden with political idioms that can mislead the public, sarcastic and jeering exchanges among politicians and their opponents, and the clamor of bewildering hoaxes in the virtual world, a light orchestra is...