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Politics of Lies

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Allegations of lying and fraud emerge in elections held everywhere in the world.  The question is to what extent does the fraud occur, then how is the matter settled? Settlement outside the constitutional path is not solving the problem,...

God in the Political Hustle and Bustle

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The relationship between religion and the state in Indonesia is unique. It is unlike secular Western societies or sultanate countries in the Middle East. The birth of the state is owed to the religious movements and struggle, especially...


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The rapidly occurring and unpredictable economic, social and political changes due to globalization and industrialization have caused feelings of confusion, panic and being threatened among people, but it is difficult to identify the...

Hoax and Religion

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Hoaxes are lies intended to deceive and cheat people. They can be fatal if the hoaxes put people in an unfortunate situation. It is even worse if the hoaxes are created to provoke friction and conflicts between societal groups, such as...

Prof Komaruddin Hidayat: Jaga Kesejukan Masa Kampanye

Pemilu  ·

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — Setiap pasangan calon diminta menjaga iklim politik yang sejuk dalam masa kampanye jelang Pemilihan Presiden 2019. Ketegangan yang ditampilkan di ruang publik berpotensi dapat membelah masyarakat Indonesia. Masih ada...

Sacrifice “Your Child”!

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If it was not stated explicitly in the Quran, it would have been difficult for me to believe that Prophet Abraham truly made the sincere decision to slaughter his only son Ishmael as a sacrifice.

Tolerance with ‘Mazhab’

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In all religious communities there always appear various mazhab (schools of thought) in understanding their scriptures.

Critiquing Diversity

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Normative-ideal religion is good and beautiful. But religion as a social reality as exhibited by its followers is not without its shortcomings and deviations. It is understandable that religion, which itself counts social criticism among...

Pemerintah Harus Tegas dan Bijak Atasi Hiruk Pikuk Sosial Politik

Politik  ·

JAKARTA, KOMPAS — Berbagai situasi dan dinamika lokal, nasional, dan global yang saling berhimpitan saat ini haruslah diurai dan dicari solusinya. Karena itulah pemerintah memiliki tugas yang berat dan harus bertindak tegas dan bijak...

Communalization of Public Space

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The word “Indonesia” is more commonly understood to refer to an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, rather than to a nation. This statement is more easily understood by making comparisons. For example, for Turkey the name of the nation...