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Poverty Alleviation

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We need to understand both the poor and poverty itself to accelerate poverty alleviation and overcome the prosperity gap.


Nutrition for National Competitiveness

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&nbspHuman resource quality determines a nations competitiveness We must therefore ensure that all Indonesian children have adequate nutritional intake Indonesia is facing a two-pronged nutritional problem Some children are obese while…


Overcome through Cross-Sector Method and Consistently

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JAKARTA KOMPAS The cause of malnutrition is lack of nutritious food intake and infection Therefore nutritional disorders can only be overcome jointly in a cross-sector method In addition to opening access to health services there must…


Stunting in Villages

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Malnutrition among Indonesian children has taken place far too long and has caused a sharp increase in childhood stunting. The number of children with inadequate height reached 36 percent in 2010, which increased to 37 percent in 2013. It…

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