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Pantura Declared Covid-19 High-Risk Area

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Covid-19 is continuing to spread in the northern coastal (Pantura) area of Java, due to the high volume of people moving from one region to another.


Togetherness in the Face of Covid-19

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Support from families, relatives and neighbors is fortifying social capital amid the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic. People that have recovered from Covid-19 attest to the social capital’s benefits.


Eucalyptus Circulation Permit as ‘Jamu’

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The Eucalyptus-based products developed by the Agriculture Ministry are defined as jamu (herbal medicine) in their circulation permit, not as Covid-19 medicine.


Transmission Still High, Detection Not Optimal

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The use of antibody-based tests (rapid test), the accuracy of which is low, has become a source of new problems and it needs to be reviewed and stopped.


Patiently Awaiting Jakarta’s ‘New Normal’

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Jakarta has decided to extend its large-scale restrictions (PSBB) to ensure the public’s safety from Covid-19 transmission.


Maintaining Sustainable Innovation for Covid-19

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Research and innovation products relevant to Covid-19 management and mitigation should be sustained. This requires synergy between researchers, government and industries.


Covid-19 Protocol for ‘Qurban’ Ritual and Idul Adha Prayer Issued

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A new circular from the Religious Affairs Minister stipulates that during Idul Adha prayer this year, congregants must keep a distance of at least 1 meter between one another. Physical contact must be minimized.


The Second Wave of the Pandemic

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Is there a second wave of Covid-19 transmission in these countries? New Zealand and China are not calling it so. There is no agreement on the so-called "second wave".


The Challenge in Commercialization of Innovations

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Indonesians have the capacity to produce products that can benefit the community and the world. However, there is a potential challenge, especially in the commercialization of the innovative products.


Pandemic, Economic Forecast and Jokowi’s Wrath

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During his speech, which lasted 10 minutes and 20 seconds, President Joko Widodo emphasized that the country was in crisis mode and consequently, all members of his Cabinet must develop a collective sense of crisis.

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