MMA Forum 2018

Insert coupon code sent in e-mail

How to use the discount coupon:

  1. Click the image above or visit
  2. Select “Kompas Digital Premium”
  3. Select “3 bulan” on subscription period, then click “Masukkan Ke Troli”
  4. Click “View cart”
  5. Insert coupon code sent in e-mail to get 50% discount (Rp74.500) for 3 months subscription of Kompas Digital Premium
  6. Click “Apply Coupon”. Make sure the coupon is used successfully
  7. Click “Lanjut Ke Pembayaran”
  8. Fill in your shipping address
  9. Check “I’ve read and accept the Terms & Conditions”
  10. Click “Bayar”

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The coupon code is valid until 31 October 2018
  2. The coupon code is valid at Gerai only
  3. This promotion can’t be combined with other promotions
  4. If user already had a Kompas Digital Premium subscription, this coupon will not extend the subscription period, but it will overwrite the current subscription period
  5. This coupon is valid for Kompas Digital Premium subscription only, and ineligible for Kompas Daily Newspaper subscription.