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Paradigm of Managing Regional Elections

Analisis Politik ·

The routine and repeating ritual that occurs during a political contest is the confusing clamor of thoughts that do not have any clear or comprehensive paradigm.


Not an Ordinary Blank Box

English ·

The Makassar General Elections Commission confirmed that the election of regional heads in South Sulawesi's capital was won by the blank box. Makassar was among 16 regions that held elections with blank boxes because only one candidate…


Nine Election Disputes Filed with MK

English ·

Nine disputes challenging the results of the 2018 regional elections have been filed with the Constitutional Court (MK) to Saturday (7/7/2018). Only two of these nine disputes fulfill Article 158 in Law No. 10/2016 on the regional…

Law Enforcement

People Still Tolerant of Corruption

English ·

The victory of a number of corruption suspects in the regional elections shows that some Indonesians are still tolerant of corruption. To overcome this situation, a regulation is needed to ensure that candidates who are in legal trouble…

Political Analysis

Hope for Democracy

English ·

The regional elections were not only a political event. It was also a celebration of our cultural diversity. Polling stations were adorned with beautiful decorations, while voters and polling station workers displayed their creativity by…


An Era of Political Absurdity

English ·

This nation is entering a political era that is becoming more absurd – politics is prioritizing the legal aspect but ignoring ethics and morality. Conscience is being sidelined.

Regional Elections

Parties Look to Failed ‘Pilkada’ Candidates for 2019 Elections

English ·

Political parties are looking at regional head candidates who failed to gain votes in the 2018 'Pilkada' (regional elections) to run in the 2019 legislative election. If they are looking to be progressive, the parties should also look at…


KPU’s Groundbreaking Move

English ·

KPU has taken the groundbreaking move of banning former corruption convicts from contesting next year’s legislative election. The ban is stipulated in KPU Regulation on legislative candidates, which is important, as the candidate…


Regional Elections Affect 2019 Election Strategy

English ·

The results of the simultaneous 2018 regional elections, mainly in provinces with 'lumbung suara', or large constituencies, are a major influence on political parties in developing their strategy for winning the 2019 elections, especially…


Gender Issues Not a Problem in Regional Elections

English ·

One of the interesting results of the 2018 regional elections is that the number of women who won the elections rose to 100 percent. In the 2017 simultaneous regional elections, there were only 15 women who won, while in 2018 the number…

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