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Diplomasi Ekonomi

”Quo Vadis” Diplomasi Ekonomi dan Investasi

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Sekalipun fungsi koordinasi berjalan baik, dengan tak adanya sektor prioritas diplomasi, tak akan dapat dilaksanakan sesuai harapan Presiden.


The Face of Gajah Mada in the Heart of Bali

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Len tonden ke Gajah Mada, artine tonden ke Denpasar… ( If you haven't come to Gajah Mada, it means you haven't been to Denpasar...)


Collaboration Accelerates Recovery

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Among tourist areas affected by disasters are beaches in Pandeglang and Serang regencies, Banten; South Lampung regency, Lampung; and Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Not all tourism recovery in the regions is going fast.


For the Recovery of the Charming Sunda Strait

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The gentle ripples on white sandy beaches in Banten looked vigorous ahead of the new year. Accommodation rooms and tourist attractions have been prepared.

The Revival of Tourism

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Slowly but surely, tourist sites affected by natural disasters are reemerging, with the 2020 New Year celebration serving as momentum for the revival.


Safeguarding Red Marble


Red marble mine exploitation in Ngargoretno village, Magelang, Central Java, has since 2000 brought no welfare to residents. They have only been suffering and forced to face disasters.


Exuding Harmony Amid Borobudur Highland

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The lush jungle on Menoreh Hill is a newly opened area of the Borobudur Highland. Tourism is blooming in harmony with nature and in collaboration with the local people.


Komodo Island to Become Exclusive Tourist Destination

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The government plans to make Komodo Island an exclusive tourist destination beginning at the end of 2020 in order to effectively maintain the environment in the area.


Attract Investment, Boost Tourism

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Attracting more investment, including from industrial relocation amid a trade war between the United States and China, is no easy feat. Besides improving the appeal for direct investment, Indonesia needs to boost tourism as an alternative…

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Cruise Ship Tourism Improves

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SURABAYA KOMPAS The potential of foreign tourists arriving by cruise ships is large This potential can be maximized by for one repairing seaports The number of foreign tourists coming to Indonesia on cruise ships is increasing with Bali…

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