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Behind the Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask Price Hike During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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Hand sanitizers and face masks are in short supply amid the massive COVID-19 prevention campaign. Products still available in the market are being sold at astronomical prices.


Residents Patrol Dense Settlements to Fight Pandemic

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RT and RW chiefs are in charge of ascertaining the adequacy of food supplies for the senior citizens. There’s also control and quick action in the event of those showing symptoms of coughing, having a cold and fever.


The Power of Solidarity

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The spirit of mutual cooperation and independence is an antibody against various national crises, including the massive spread of the coronavirus. This virus must be confronted simultaneously by everyone.


Online Application Helps Ease Worries During Pandemic

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Online platforms can be used for more than just a time filler at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Mediation services and game-based learning, which are quite useful to help ease the people’s worries.

Migrant Workers Follow Health Protocol

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Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said on Tuesday in Jakarta that migrant workers who had come to arrival gates must follow health protocols, ranging from filling out health cards to having their body checked.


Let's Obey Social Restrictions

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Public health emergencies are extraordinary events, marked by the spread of infectious diseases that endanger health and have the potential to spread across regions or countries.


Details on Social Restrictions Needed to Strengthen Synergy

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The government has issued a government regulation (PP) regarding large-scale social restrictions. The issuance of more detailed policies is needed to strengthen the synergy between central and regional governments.

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Ketika Semua Harus Dilakukan di Rumah

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Publik dipaksa mampu beradaptasi dengan format bekerja, belajar, dan beribadah dengan mengandalkan koneksi internet akibat wabah Covid-19 yang melanda dunia.


Misleading Information about Covid-19 Can Kill

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Public fear is multiplying because of a lot of news, information, hoaxes, lies and fake news that circulate on social media. The public take it without thinking, without verification or confirmation.


Physical and Mental Health During COVID-19

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In order to fight COVID-19, physical and psychological health needs to be enhanced. The public is called upon to maintain good health amid the reign of anxiety and panic.

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