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Keeping the Waterwheel Turning

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Adim 54 does not have much technical knowledge about generating electricity He never finished elementary school Despite this he has been able to electrify his entire village The sun was high in the sky on Thursday 882019 when Adim took…

Energy Independence

A Long Dream of State Electricity

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This year residents of Cisoka hamlet Citengah village Sumedang regency West Java have been without electricity for 34 years Although they are used to the darkness they hope electricity will reach their village soon After sunset on Friday…


Examining the Electricity Problem

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The date of 4 August 2019 becomes one of the grayest days in the world of electricity in the country On that day and on the following day there was a total power outage in most of the provinces of Jakarta West Java and Banten at the same…


Governance Reform at PLN

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JAKARTA KOMPAS State electricity company PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara PLN plans to conduct a comprehensive investigation involving experts or academics specializing in electrical engineering However the timing has not been ascertained…

Public Urges Comprehensive Audit of PLN

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The cause of the massive power blackout on Sunday must be investigated to prevent the recurrence of a similar incident A comprehensive audit of state electricity company PLN is needed to ensure that all processes and systems are working…


Keeping Lights on

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An electricity crisis has occurred again A massive power outage hit western parts of Java on Sunday from 1150 am to late at night The blackout paralyzed the activities of the people in the capital city of Jakarta and several other areas…


Electricity Not Just for Light

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The massive power outage on Sunday came as a surprise for many because it affected almost all of West Java Greater Jakarta Banten and parts of Central Java In addition to the large expanse of the affected areas the outage lasted a long…


Probing Java-Bali Network

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&nbspThe massive power outage on Sunday that hit Banten Greater Jakarta Jabodetabek West Java and parts of Central Java raises questions about the reliability of the countrys electricity management system Quickly responding to the…


More Electricity Supplied to Java-Bali

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&nbspCILACAP KOMPAS Construction is being expedited on a steam power plant PLTU in Cilacap regency Central Java In addition to increasing the capacity of the Java-Bali electricity supply system the PLTU is intended to accelerate…


Using Waste to Pay for Water, Electricity

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Residents of Kunciran, Tangerang, Banten, no longer neglect their household waste problem. Creative and environmentally aware, they convert their garbage and use it to earn money to pay for electricity.

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